Some inspiring words from a few Literacy to Legacy Mentors clients. If you haven’t already, connect with Deborah to schedule your complimentary consultation.

“In just two mentoring sessions with Deborah, I am already experiencing more abundance and have learned so much about how to expand my business strategically!”


“I have some great news! I took your advice and took the temp job as a compliance analyst this past August, and yesterday, the company offered me a full-time position! I want to thank you again for your encouragement. Your advice really helped me to get a better understanding of what I was looking for in a career in finance.”

Iliana K.

“Thank you so much for your outstanding assistance and wise counsel, Deborah. It has brought me great peace of mind and significant clarity on my financial options.”

Peter M., Retired
Financial Mentoring

“I hired Deborah during a period in my life when I was struggling with my finances. Not only was she a good listener, but also encouraging and insightful. Deborah helped me develop strategies for financial success and to take courageous actions that increased my capital and net worth. I just bought a second home a block from the ocean!”

Heather D.M.
Educator and Bestselling Author + Documentary Filmmaker

“Deborah’s ability to simplify complex financial concepts through an honest, common-sense approach has empowered me and my husband to take control of our financial future.”

Kathryn D., Surface Designer,
25-Year Business & Financial Mentoring Client

“My consultation with Deborah really inspired me to begin making a plan for my financial future — and for my life! She weaves spirituality and law of attraction into financial concepts that gave me so much clarity and hope. I know I am on the road to success!”

Clinton B.
Founder, Kokoro Outdoors Clothing Company

“Deborah is like a ‘money whisperer,’ with her soulful and therapeutic guidance on money management, a topic that can be frightening to so many! I have witnessed her pure passion and innate wisdom literally transform lives.”

Devi L.
Ayurvedic Holistic Health Practitioner

“My time spent with Deborah felt healing and inspiring, not only because I trust her wisdom and extensive experience, but also because of her compassionate and visionary lens. An intimidating topic such as creating financial freedom, felt empowering rather than daunting. Her focus on helping me create structures for my small business also made me feel excited about what is possible and in deeper alignment with my purpose.”

Emily B. Somatic Healer
Author: The Golden Thread Blog

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