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To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Burns Communications, LLC, premium branding, business, and marketing communications agency, Managing Principal, Deborah Pratt Burns has launched her proprietary phased Business and Brand Consulting packages. Each package is designed to help her clients’ businesses and brands become more visible and relevant, and increase market share. Deborah is a recognized and sought-after Brand and Business Strategist and Business Accelerator, builder of profitable six- and seven-figure revenue companies and brands, and successful private investor. She has a solid track record of successfully launching capitalized start-ups to mid-sized companies, as well as expertly repositioning and relaunching companies. Deborah would welcome an opportunity to help accelerate your company and brands to the next level!


Phase I. Kickoff Package: $500

Term: Minimum Two Consecutive Hours

Clients can retain Deborah for a minimum of two consecutive hours to discuss their specific business, brand, or communications challenges and goals. Clients will receive her professional insights and recommendations via a phone or Zoom meeting. Beyond the initial consultation, clients can retain Deborah on an hourly basis at $250 per hour.


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Phase II. Quickstart Discovery Package: $2,500

Clients can retain Deborah to discuss a more in-depth issue or challenge to include a mini brand audit, as well as industry research. Clients will receive a one-page bulleted report that will include professional recommendations, insights, and research results.


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Phase III. Brand Strategy Intensive Package: $5,000

Term: Minimum Four Consecutive Weeks

​Clients can retain Deborah for four consecutive weeks to participate in her proprietary Brand Strategy Intensive process. Clients will receive important industry and brand insights,​ recommendations, and innovative strategies designed to more effectively differentiate companies and brands from the competition, build brand visibility, and increase market share. Clients will receive a three to five-page Brand Strategy Intensive Report​ that will serve as a blueprint to develop or enhance ​existing business, marketing, and brand communications plans, and advertising Creative Brief. Clients have the option to continue their engagement with Burns Communications after Phase III.


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Phase IV. Integrated Brand Marketing Communications Retainer Package: Prescriptive Strategic Plan Development Based on Goals, Timeline, and Budget

Term: Minimum Six-Month Retainer Contract

In addition to providing business and brand strategy consulting services, clients have ready access to Deborah’s best-of-breed strategic partner network of designers, web programmers and developers, copywriters, brand strategists, and social media experts. In close collaboration,​ following are some examples of how we can help ​our ​clients:

  • Clearly identify and refine target audiences and markets. 
  • Develop dynamic new or refreshed brand messaging and positioning copy designed to reach, influence, and motivate target audiences.
  • Draft compelling new or refreshed web and marketing content designed to further differentiate the company and brand, and build visibility, and help increase market share.
  • Create new or refreshed brand identity, brand look and feel to position the company and brand more effectively
  • Design and architect a new or refreshed interactive website designed to drive traffic and increase visibility. 
  • Implement Brand Communications and Social Media strategies to increase visibility, engagement, and build brand equity and market share.
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