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Financial Freedom Education Annual Reconciliation Forecasting

The key to financial freedom and living a more prosperous life starts with a clear vision, achievable goals, and a flexible master earning, spending, saving, and investing plan. Annually, for tax planning purposes, corporations and entrepreneurs alike commit to reconciling expenses against income for the current year. Based on knowledge gained from reviewing the numbers in detail, the next step is to use that knowledge, together with SMART goals, to create a financial forecast for the year ahead. With this roadmap or blueprint, companies and entrepreneurs can track continuous, measurable growth and profitability, as well as determine where changes need to be made to eliminate unnecessary spending or spending in areas that are wasteful and not alighted with set goals. This exercise also provides a clear picture of where earnings, savings, and investments may need to be increased to achieve longer-term goals. I would be delighted to help you clarify your personal and business vision and goals and create an overall master plan and financial forecast to help you to achieve them! 

How To Save Big on Your Electricity Bill This Winter!

On November 18th, 2022, Connecticut’s electricity providers — Eversource and United Illuminating — announced plans to obtain approval from the public utilities regulatory authority to potentially increase your electric bill by up to 50 percent on the supply portion of your monthly bill effective January 2023! 

As Connecticut residents, you have a choice. Through the website www.energizect.com, residents can choose a new third-party wholesale electricity supplier to not only save money this winter but also over time. Dozens of supplier companies are listed on the website to choose from. Consider choosing a company that offers no enrollment fee, no cancellation fee, a fixed rate over a 12-18-24 month contract period, and special incentives such as cash signing bonuses. Once a company has been chosen, all you have to do is call the company, provide your POD and name key, both of which are on your current electric bill, provide your service and billing address and sign a contract with the new company, and voila! Your new kilowatt-hour rate will go into effect in one to two billing cycles — or just in time to avoid the January 2023 rate increases! Time is of the essence, so take action today! Your future self — and your pocketbook — will thank you!

Financial Freedom Education Healthcare Pathfinder

Hello! I invite you to tune in to my “Financial Freedom Education” series on my Literacy to Legacy Mentors YouTube Channel on Wednesday, October 26th, for my power half-hour interview with CEO and Founder, Anne McGuire, and Insurance Benefits Consultant, Victoria Bieler, of Darien, Connecticut-based Healthcare Pathfinder. Anne launched the company in 2017 to create “peace of mind” for her clients who range in age from young adults to retirees seeking expert health and long-term care advice, advocacy, benefits, and claims management services.

Financial Freedom Education Series Q&A Interview with Christine Olyenick

Welcome to my “Financial Freedom Education” Real Estate Market Update with special guest, Christine Olyenick, Keller Williams Realtor, Luxury Ambassador. Christine, a Fairfield County, Connecticut realtor for almost a decade, provides the latest market trends, proven strategies and tips on how to expertly navigate and capitalize on the current real estate market, whether you are a buyer or seller!          

Informed & Confident Investing in Bear & Bull Markets

To be a successful investor in bear & bull markets requires a goal-oriented yet fluid plan, expert resources, and the ability to keep emotions in check. My complimentary Financial Freedom Education Event on September 7th, co-promoted with HAYVN Co-Working in Darien, Connecticut, showcased my success strategies and professional resources. My approach has helped her clients profit through market crashes, bear & bull markets, high inflation, and high interest rate environments. Deborah and her esteemed strategic partner network of trusts and estates and real estate attorneys, tax accountants and strategists, independent insurance agents, and college financial aid and education experts, are available to provide professional advice on a wide variety of personal finance topics. Deborah’s mission is to educate, inspire, and motivate people to master their financial lives and live more prosperously through personal finance education and mentoring.

How College Students Can Establish Credit For the First Time

College students can begin to establish credit for the first time by meeting certain criteria developed by credit lending institutions such as banks, credit card companies, and credit unions. They offer a wide variety of “student” credit cards that offer low or no interest, and little or no fees once you qualify. Others offer very attractive benefits such as no credit score required to apply, cash back on purchase options, and discounts. Securing your first credit card can be exhilarating as you begin your journey to financial freedom. It is also an important milestone in your financial life and one that should be entered into prudently.

Planning for Your Worry-Free Retirement – May 11th

Part of the American Dream is enjoying a full and meaningful retirement yet in today’s record-high inflation environment, with skyrocketing prices and unprecedented stock market volatility, people are not sure they can retire comfortably! Fred toplined his time-tested proven winning strategies and tips on planning for a worry-free retirement that have helped dozens of his clients to retire with confidence. During the next 30-minutes, you will learn about financial planning, creating a realistic budget, strategic spending, saving and investing plans, 401ks, IRAs, SEP IRAs for entrepreneurs, college financial aid options, and how to work most effectively with your tax, investment, financial planning advisors, and financial mentors. Fred and Deborah shared their personal experience employing these winning strategies in their own lives, and in the lives of their clients!

On May 25th, Deborah will be teaching the basics of how to create transformational spending plans and budgets so that you can live a more prosperous life! Events are part of Deborah’s bi-monthly, complimentary “Financial Freedom Education & Entrepreneur Spotlight Event Series.”

“Passionate to Profitable” Tips on How to Build Passive Income Streams – April 27th

We all have passions and talents that can be leveraged. Deborah shared her personal “passions to profits” success story including her proprietary process gleaned from her 30+ years of experience as a business strategist and expert at launching capitalized start-ups and repositioning companies to increase market share. Deborah’s four separate side hustles included: turning her and her husband’s Vermont vacation home into an Airbnb Superhost property, building high-yield dividend stock portfolios, and turning talents like photography and baking into new sustainable sources of capital.

The event is part of Deborah’s “Financial Freedom Education & Entrepreneur Spotlight” Event Series hosted via Zoom bi-monthly on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:00 p.m. In addition to informative and entertaining presentations by Deborah on a variety of timely and relevant personal and business finance topics, she also conducts educational power half-hour Q&A interviews with experts from the fields of trusts and estates law, finance, insurance, and college financial aid.

In addition to her Financial Freedom Education interview and presentation Series, Deborah offers transformational mentoring services based on her 30-year track record of helping people to change their behavior and relationship with money and become more prosperous.
She also offers small-to-mid-sized business consulting packages designed to help companies and brands become more relevant and increase market share.

Entrepreneur Spotlight Guest CEO Chef, Keith Davis, Golden Pear Cafes, Hamptons – April 13th

My “Entrepreneur Spotlight” is part of my “Financial Freedom Education Event Series,” featuring interviews with entrepreneurs who have not only built companies that have stood the test of time, but also have made a difference in their local communities, reinforcing their commitment to fiscal and social responsibility.

My lively, entertaining, and informative Q&A interview on April 13th at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom featured CEO & Chef-Owner, Keith Davis, The Golden Pear Cafes and Catering Company, who shared the highlights of his 35-years of success!

Keith and his wife, Anne, have been committed to delivering high-quality, farm-fresh, locally grown food for more than three decades. Davis has earned a reputation for excellence and attention to detail at every level and according to his long-time patrons, he goes the extra mile to deliver an extraordinary experience and product, and genuinely cares about his customers.

The Golden Pear Cafés and Catering Company, Inc., with retail locations in Southampton, Bridgehampton, and East Hampton www.goldenpear.com is a year-round Hamptons, Long Island favorite, where residents and seasonal patrons gather to enjoy the best healthy gourmet and delicious classic low-carb and low-fat breakfast, lunch, and dinner take-out options. The Golden Pear is a Fred Bollaci Enterprises’ Golden Palate Certified™ healthy gourmet destination with menu items carefully crafted to meet the needs of discerning diners as well as diners with special dietary preferences such as Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free options.

The Golden Pear is also a recognized and sought-after Hamptons caterer. Davis’s private label products including coffee, jams, jellies, dessert loaves and breads, and specialty branded items are available for sale in each of his three retail locations and on www.goldenpear.com online.

In addition to providing excellent healthy gourmet food and products, Davis supports several local non-profits, through donations as well as participation at Hamptons area special events.

Why A Life Insurance Trust Is An Excellent Financial Planning Tool – April 6th

Literacy to Legacy Mentors’ April 6th, 2022 guest is Sarasota, Florida-based, Frederick T.A. Bollaci, a 20-year trusts and estates attorney. Fred educated viewers and listeners about the difference between irrevocable and revocable trusts, the benefits of setting up a revocable life insurance trust including significant estate tax savings, bypassing probate, and ensuring that the life insurance proceeds go directly to the assigned beneficiary as intended, without being part of a taxable estate or available to creditors. Fred also reviewed the types of life insurance policies that are put into a revocable trust and why. He recommended that attendees meet with their trusts and estates attorney and financial planner to determine if they meet the eligibility requirements to employ this type of estate and financial planning tool.

He noted that over the past 24 months of the pandemic, he has seen more and more people in their 30s and 40s obtain life insurance, as the younger and healthier a person is the lower their monthly premiums. Having a life insurance policy in an irrevocable trust guarantees the beneficiary not only peace of mind but also timely cash flow, especially if the policyholder was the breadwinner and leaves behind a wife, husband, or partner to pay funeral costs, a mortgage, debt, and other bills, and take care of a family.

The event is part of Literacy to Legacy Mentors’ complimentary “Financial Freedom Education and Entrepreneur Spotlight Event Series.” As a recognized personal finance educator, mentor, and company founder, Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns’s goal is to empower people with the knowledge and tools necessary to make smart financial decisions and take important actions today to live more prosperously and financially free.

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How to Successfully Invest in a High Inflation Interest Rate Environment – March 23rd

Successful investing in today’s volatile, high inflation, increasing interest rate environment is possible, especially when you are equipped with professional investor-level resources and expertise. Deborah shares her time-tested investing resources and planning strategies, including following industry sector and global economic trends, to help you to become a wiser, and potentially more profitable investor.

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How to Become a More Informed & Confident Investor – March 16th

The pandemic has fueled a generation of new investors that are pumping historic amounts of money into the stock market.
Fast forward two years, with an historic eight percent inflation rate, interest rate hikes on the horizon, a war in Ukraine, and unprecedented volatility, investing has become increasingly more challenging. In this back by popular demand event, you will receive a refresher on the basics of investing as well as about the professional-level tools and strategies you will need to become a more informed and confident investor, and how to more effectively navigate the capital markets and begin to invest more wisely!

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How to Avoid Probate & Preserve Your Legacy – March 9th

We spend all our lives trying to stay out of Court, so why should your loved ones end up in Court when you die? Proper planning for probate avoidance saves heirs time and money, prevents conflict, and aids in the seamless transition of assets to your beneficiaries.
Learn about the pitfalls of probate and strategies to keep your estate out of probate, and the courts out of your private affairs.

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Are You Getting The Maximum Tax Advantages On Your 2021 Return? – February 16th

Tax season is here. My Financial Freedom Education Series special guest, Tax Strategist, and Accountant, John Lawton Hayo, shared his time-tested strategies including the importance of itemizing your business and personal expenses vs. taking the standard deduction, maximizing your medical deduction, taking the charitable deduction, deducting interest on student and parent plus loans, plus several additional strategies designed to help you to become more tax-savvy and your financial plans more tax efficient.

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What is Elder Law and Why It Matters to You and Your Family – February 9th

Elder law is more than creating Wills and Trusts. It encompasses using legal strategies to protect your assets and yourself from health care directives to Medicare and Medicaid planning, creating a legal and care team and updating it at milestone moments in your life like a wedding, birth of a child, loss of a job, divorce, retirement, and creating a family playbook of all the things your heirs will need to know and have ready access to in the event of an unplanned circumstance. Elder law focuses on taking the necessary steps to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your assets and long-term care needs.

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