Mentoring Packages

Following are several options on how to work with Deborah. You can either sign up for hourly or prepaid monthly/trimonthly personal finance education and business mentoring services, available via telephone or video conferencing. 

One Hour Kick-Start – $175 per hour; College + University Student Special Pricing – $125 per hour with .edu email

An entry-level mentoring package designed to provide basic strategies and principals to reframe your financial life. This one-hour consultation will provide the kick-start you will need to begin to approach your finances with a fresh perspective.

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Finance Forward Mentoring Package – One Month $700 (4h)

Through weekly one-to-one mentoring with Deborah, you will learn proven financial strategies and approaches designed to reach your specific goals. Some of these strategies include goal setting, action plan development, and accountability exercises. You will also begin to examine your habits, behaviors, and thinking around money. As it takes 21 days to form a new habit, you will be well on your way to practicing better financial habits. You will begin to feel empowered and motivated to live a more abundant lifestyle.

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“In It to Win It” Package – 3 Months $1,800 (12h – special pricing) Most Popular Option.

Through a 90-day one-to-one mentoring program, you will begin to elevate your financial life to a whole new level. In addition to learning everything in finance forward package, you will learn more advanced strategies include developing basic and aspirational spending and debt repayment plans, and how to integrate aspirational and motivational principals into your life. You will have the flexibility to choose weekly, or twice per week mentoring consultations, tailored to meet your specific short- and long-term goals. Through consistent, focused action coupled with expert guidance and accountability partnering, you will experience a positive shift in your financial life that has long-term, positive effects.

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Take the first step towards financial freedom and sign up for a one-time complimentary consultation with Deborah to discuss your financial goals, gain more clarity around your personal finances, and better understand your money habits and behaviors, so that you can begin to make money work for you.

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