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Maximize Your Assets Using My Winning Year-End Estate and Tax Planning Strategies! – December 15th

Fred Bollaci, Trusts & Estates Attorney, MBA, with 20 years of experience guiding individuals, families, and retirees in the State of Florida, was my December 15th special guest and the wrap-up of my “Financial Freedom Education Series” events for 2021.

Fred shared his winning year-end tax strategies that have not only helped his clients to maximize their assets, but also have helped to build a legacy for generations to come.

He expertly explained the importance of developing a relationship with a trusts and estate attorney as early as age 18, scheduling a year-end tax planning review as early as September 1st , how to maximize current estate tax and $15k gift tax exemptions, and transferring assets to an irrevocable trust. Fred also talked about the value of paying tuition directly to an institution (preparatory school, college, or graduate work) on behalf of a granddaughter or grandson, niece, nephew, spouse or family friend, and charitable giving – all of which are aimed at reducing a person’s taxable estate.


Entrepreneur Spotlight Series – Roe Chlala, Shares Her Secret Sauce of 37-Years of Success – December 8th

On Wednesday, December 8th, 2021, I debuted my Literacy to Legacy Mentors’ “Entrepreneur Spotlight,” featuring special guest, Roe Chlala, co-founder of Festivities Catering & Events, and winner of numerous national and regional hospitality leadership awards. My new “Entrepreneur Spotlight” events, part of my ongoing Financial Freedom Education series, feature entrepreneurs who have not only built companies that have stood the test of time, but also who have made a difference in their local communities, reinforcing their commitment to fiscal and social responsibility.

Our lively, entertaining, and informative Q&A focused on the highlights of Roe’s 37-years of success, including her launch earlier this month of Festivities’ “sister” company, Considered Chic Events https://consideredchicevents.com, an event design and production company.

When you think of luxurious catered and exceptionally planned events, Roe Chlala immediately comes to mind. From impeccably curated and executed events, creative and exquisite gourmet fare, to exceptional weddings and special events, Festivities Catering and Event Design https://festivitiesevents.com is the region’s “go-to” resource. Roe and her co-founder, Chef, Bill Kaliff, add class and panache to every occasion! Roe also founded “Pass on the Love” a non-profit and retail store located at their 6,000 Square Ft. headquarters, 2 Wilton Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Center for Family Justice and the Greenwich YWCA Domestic Violence Program.


How the New 2022 Tax Laws Will Impact Your Bottom Line – December 1st

John Lawton Hayo is a Tax Accountant, Tax Strategist, and Former Corporate Comptroller, with 30+years of experience expertly advising individuals and small and medium-sized companies on tax strategies and solutions. During the 30-minute Q&A, he expertly explains each of the new tax laws — as well as pending legislation — including new federal income tax brackets, capital gains tax breakdown based on the new tax brackets, tax harvesting, the historic 5.9% COLA Cost of Living increase for social security recipients plus the 14% increase in Medicare premiums, how to create your Social Security online profile, and other strategies aimed at reducing your taxable income! This Financial Freedom Education Series event is chock full of excellent tax advice so I strongly suggest that you carve out some time, grab a pad and pen and learn how to save more of your hard-earned money!


Bankable Dividend Income in All Stock Market Conditions – November 24th

Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns, founder, Literacy to Legacy Mentors® Reframing Your Financial Future, is a recognized 30-year personal and business finance mentor. On Wednesday, November 24th at 5:30 p.m. as part of her Financial Freedom Education Series, Deborah shared her time-tested growth and income investing strategies in all market conditions with co-host, Audrey Lansing Burns, education ambassador, Loyola Marymount University ’23. Deborah provided specific examples of how to identify “growth” industry sectors, how to create a “watch list,” explained each of the dividend categories e.g., Dividend Kings, Aristocrats, Champions, and Contenders, quarterly stock dividend reinvestment or cash payout options, capital gains rates and impact, and 2022 income tax brackets.


How to Become a Better Informed Investor – October 13th

A successful investor is an informed investor. In today’s segment, sponsored by What Women Want Network, 30-year profitable self-directed investor, and recognized personal and business finance educator and mentor, Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns, shares her professional-level investing resources and success strategies. Her goal? To mentor and guide people on how to capitalize on the historic bull market and live more prosperously! Through her complimentary one-to-one mentoring sessions and mentoring package options, as well as her complimentary Financial Freedom Education Series guest speaker events, people interested in learning how to invest for the first time– or people who would like to hone their investing skills — will benefit from viewing today’s segment. Deborah is offering complimentary 30-minute, one-to-one mentoring sessions via phone or Zoom on a wide variety of business and personal finance topics. Deborah and her esteemed team of trusts and estates attorneys, tax accountants and strategists, college financial aid and education experts are available to help you fulfill your business or personal finance visions and goals and begin to change your relationship with money by helping you to reframe your financial future!

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My Top 10 Tips To Give You An Edge In a Hot Real Estate Market – September 22nd

The pandemic has fueled a mass exodus of executives, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals from big cities to smaller cities and towns in neighboring states and across the country. Fred Bollaci, trusts and estates attorney and luxury real estate broker has not witnessed anything like it in his 20-years in the business. His interview “Top 10 Tips to Give You an Edge in a Hot Real Estate Market,” is part of Literacy to Legacy Mentors’ Financial Freedom Education Series, with company founder, Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns.


Securing a Robust Financial Aid Package – August 23rd – Part II

Back by popular demand for Part II of “How to Score the Most Robust Financial Aid Package,” is Jodi Okun to share her strategies and tips on everything you ever wanted to know about the college financial aid process and how to score the most robust financial aid package for yourself or for your student! Jodi takes us on a deep dive into the financial aid process including how to file for aid and how to appeal a financial aid award, the types of federal, state, university, and private aid are available including loans, grants, and scholarships. She also discusses the importance of paying off interest and paying down loan balances despite a federal government freeze on loan and interest payments since March 2020 due to the pandemic, and why standard repayment terms are preferred over the four other payment term options available.

Jodi is the founder of College Financial Aid Advisors, and author of the Amazon “Secrets of a Financial Aid Pro.” She is also one of the “Top 30 Social influencers in Personal Finance & Wealth,” according to Huffington Post. Tune in to her weekly radio show on Thursday nights at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time #collegecash on Twitter @jodiokun where she answers
questions about every aspect of financial aid.


Securing a Robust Financial Aid Package – August 11th – Part I

Jodi Okun, is one of the nation’s leading college financial aid coaches. In her interview, Jodi expertly guides viewers through the step-by-step process of completing the FAFSA and why it is so important that every family — regardless of income or assets — completes this form. She also advises viewers on how to effectively and successfully review a students financial aid package, including what elements it could include: subsidized (interest is paid by the Federal Government), and unsubsidized (the family or student pays the interest) federal loans, student loans both federal and private, state and university grants, college and university-sponsored and private scholarships, and federal work-study. Jodi also reviewed the January 31, 2022 moratorium on federal student loan payments and interest due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She strongly advises to pay down those loan principal and interest payments today vs. waiting until six months after a student’s college or university graduation when the loans become due.

She founded College Financial Aid Advisors over a decade ago and is the author of Secrets of a Financial Aid Pro. She is one of the “Top 30 Social Influencers in Personal Finance & Wealth,” according to Huffington Post, and hosts a weekly radio show on Thursday nights at 5:00 p.m. Pacific #collegecash where she answers questions about every aspect of financial aid.


Estates & Trusts Planning Solutions in a Covid Era – August 4th

Frederick T.A. Bollaci is a 19-year Trusts and Estates Attorney based in Florida. In his interview, Fred demystifies the complex world of trusts and estates planning and guides viewers through practical and simple steps to ensure that a person’s assets and their health are legally protected in the event of unanticipated life events. He also encourages people to begin developing a relationship with an estate planning attorney — as early as age 18. Being proactive and planning for life’s challenges will provide the necessary advantage in emotionally charged and sincerely compromised events such as those happening during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Women on Wealth Interview With Deborah On The Value of Working With A Financial Mentor

Do you ever feel unsettled as to whether you are on track towards your goals? Listen in as Julina demystifies every day financial topics, to give you confidence in your future. She is a Partner and Wealth Advisor with Principle Wealth Partners, a Certified Private Wealth Advisor and Certified Investment Management Analyst with over twenty years of industry experience. To understand more, start here!

I am excited to share my latest Women on Wealth episode with you on Financial Mentoring. In this episode, I interview Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns, founder of Literacy to Legacy Mentors, who shares more than thirty years of experience as a business and personal finance mentor. We discuss the following key topics: the importance of family values as it relates to money, the lack of financial literacy education and its impact, the importance of a working with a financial mentor and the results that Deborah has found, including how people struggle with financial topics and why, trends with those approaching and in retirement, and the common thread that all successful CEO’s share.  Finally, some simple steps for those who are seeking practical financial solutions.

The link is below, as always thank you for your support.

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Thrive with Financial Wellth! – July 21st

Take Time to Thrive Co-Lab Founder, Kelley Connors, Life-Work Coach for Women Leaders, Change Agents, and Entrepreneurs, Interview About Financial Empowerment with Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns, Chief Prosperity Officer, Financial Mentor and Educator, Literacy to Legacy Mentors, Reframing Your Financial Future.

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