On April 28th, Literacy to Legacy Mentors™ Reframing Your Financial Future, A Pratt Prosperity Company, was launched in celebration of Financial Literacy Month. On July 1st, business and personal finance mentoring packages, and financial education series events, classes, workshops and retreats debuted, expanding one-to-one and group opportunities for people interested in mastering their financial lives and living prosperously at any age. We look forward to educating, inspiring and motivating you to expand your financial knowledge and move confidently in the direction of financial freedom and independence!

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Women on Wealth Podcast

August 4

Women on Wealth, By Women For Women Podcast
By Julina Ogilvie

Do you ever feel unsettled as to whether you are on track towards your goals? Listen in as Julina demystifies everyday financial topics, to give you confidence in your future. She is a Partner and Wealth Advisor with Principle Wealth Partners, a Certified Private Wealth Advisor and Certified Investment Management Analyst with over twenty years of industry experience. To understand more, start here!

Featured Guest: Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns is our guest today, talking about the importance of financial literacy and what steps you can take to ensure that you and your family become more knowledgeable and prosperous!

Deborah Pratt Johnson Burns, Financial Mentor, Educator, and Founder
Literacy to Legacy Mentors™ Reframing Your Financial Future



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