Personal and Business Financial Mentoring

Some inspiring words from a few Literacy to Legacy Mentors clients. If you haven’t already, connect with Deborah to schedule your complimentary consultation.

“In just two mentoring sessions with Deborah, I am already experiencing more abundance and have learned so much about how to expand my business strategically!”


“I have some great news! I took your advice and took the temp job as a compliance analyst this past August, and yesterday, the company offered me a full-time position! I want to thank you again for your encouragement. Your advice really helped me to get a better understanding of what I was looking for in a career in finance.”

Iliana K.

“Thank you so much for your outstanding assistance and wise counsel, Deborah. It has brought me great peace of mind and significant clarity on my financial options.”

Peter M., Retired
Financial Mentoring

“I hired Deborah during a period in my life when I was struggling with my finances. Not only was she a good listener, but also encouraging and insightful. Deborah helped me develop strategies for financial success and to take courageous actions that increased my capital and net worth. I just bought a second home a block from the ocean!”

Heather D.M.
Educator and Bestselling Author + Documentary Filmmaker

“Deborah’s ability to simplify complex financial concepts through an honest, common-sense approach has empowered me and my husband to take control of our financial future.”

Kathryn D., Surface Designer,
25-Year Business & Financial Mentoring Client

“My consultation with Deborah really inspired me to begin making a plan for my financial future — and for my life! She weaves spirituality and law of attraction into financial concepts that gave me so much clarity and hope. I know I am on the road to success!”

Clinton B.
Founder, Kokoro Outdoors Clothing Company

“Deborah is like a ‘money whisperer,’ with her soulful and therapeutic guidance on money management, a topic that can be frightening to so many! I have witnessed her pure passion and innate wisdom literally transform lives.”

Devi L.
Ayurvedic Holistic Health Practitioner

“My time spent with Deborah felt healing and inspiring, not only because I trust her wisdom and extensive experience, but also because of her compassionate and visionary lens. An intimidating topic such as creating financial freedom, felt empowering rather than daunting. Her focus on helping me create structures for my small business also made me feel excited about what is possible and in deeper alignment with my purpose.”

Emily B. Somatic Healer
Author: The Golden Thread Blog

“Deborah has always been forward-thinking and filled with energy. She has helped many advance their businesses and with her new Literacy to Legacy Mentors financial education and mentoring company, she is poised to help even more.”

Stephanie Harwood
President, SM Harwood Consulting

“Deborah approaches everything she does with zest and zeal with keen knowledge and a vision for the future.
Hers is a winning approach to success!”

Wendy Burger
President, Flyring Carp Pool Service



Business and Brand Consulting

Some inspiring words from a few Literacy to Legacy Mentors clients. If you haven’t already, connect with Deborah to schedule your complimentary consultation.

“I’ve been fortunate to count Deborah Burns as part of our extended team for more than a decade. She brings exceptional ideas, energy, and a plain-truth style to everything she works on. Not afraid to challenge the status quo, even when the room has made up its mind, her original thinking invariably adds strategic and brand value to every engagement.”

Adam Pemberton
Managing Member & Partner, Echo Brand Group

“Deborah offers a broad range of strategic insight that is especially needed for small to mid-sized businesses looking to engage successfully in today’s rapidly shifting market place. She has guided a wide range of companies from start-ups to ensconced companies needing to pivot to different offerings and business models. She has an overview that few can match in putting together key components for growth.”

Robert Bruder
Senior Executive, T.V. Eyes

“Deborah is INCREDIBLE. She is absolutely driven to perfection and no stone goes unturned. Looking for a true professional with vision and the chops to make it happen? Look no further. Deborah has you covered.”

Matthew Abourezk
CEO, TalkingBox DMG, LLC

“Deborah is tenacious, professional, and a visionary who can see a much bigger picture without overlooking the details.”

Fred Bollaci
CEO, Fred Bollaci Enterprises, LLC. Author, The Restaurant Diet Series

“Deborah Burns is and her agency is wonderful to work with. When you want something done and you want to launch a brand or get exposure, Burns Communications is the one to use.”

Chris Onthank
CEO, Dog Gone Smart D.GS Pet Products & Dog Gone Smart Canine Center

“Deborah quickly grasped RockIT Solution’s brand personality and core mission, and expertly articulated very complex technical information to our target audiences in an engaging and meaningful way. Her tenacity with the media, and her ability to seamlessly collaborate with senior management on brand messaging and positioning during the company launch was invaluable. Deborah is a savvy communicator, and she was integral to the success of RockIT’s national launch campaign.”

Michael Collins
Chief Marketing Officer, Rockefeller & Company, INC.’s RockIT Solutions, LLC

“As Regional CEO of U.S. Trust, a nationally recognized wealth management firm, I was given the assignment to establish offices in the State of Connecticut and other parts of New England. It was imperative that we hit the ground running once we opened our first Connecticut office. I knew that a well-designed PR strategy was essential to accomplishing our mission. Deborah, with her strong PR skills and commitment to excellence, was the perfect choice to guide us. She was largely responsible for putting U.S. Trust on the map in this region. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone looking for an outstanding communications partner.”

W. Michael Funck
Northeast Regional CEO, U.S. Trust Wealth Management

“C.C. Filson is a century-old premium outdoor apparel brand that men have been wearing for generations.
Deborah and her team effectively leveraged that heritage and were instrumental in transforming the brand into an aspirational lifestyle choice for The American Sportsperson. Deborah is tenacious, resourceful, and achieves impressive results.”

Doug Williams
Chairman & CEOFilson Holdings INC.

“During the early stages of my new brand’s creation that took place during the 29th anniversary of my Golden Pear Cafés & Catering Company in the Hamptons, Deborah was integral to our success. She is inspiring, energetic, and intelligent and helped guide the most important decisions I needed to bring my new brand to life, while keeping my existing company and brand striving forward. I could not have done it without her.”

Keith Davis
CEO, The Golden Pear Cafes & Catering Company, INC.

“Deborah directed a year-long communications campaign for our solar and HVAC energy products for business and residential customers throughout New England. Burns Communications served as an extension of our company’s marketing department and Deborah demonstrated an ability to speak on our behalf with media, real estate, and finance influencers, thought leaders and stakeholders. She effectively articulated complex concepts and program details to each audience. Internally, she demonstrated an ability to work effectively with c-suite executives and marketing team members. We had a positive experience working with Deborah and her strategists and were very pleased with the results.”

Mackey Dykes
Chief Operating Officer, Connecticut Green Bank

“Deborah is insightful, smart, and always puts her clients first!”

Dorothea Kelly
CEO, Alchemy Promotional Products

“Deborah Burns has always been a go-getter and a strong advocate on the side of her clients.”

Juliette Weiland
Score Mentors